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WizeCare provides patients access to better care, acting as the touchstone of rehabilitative medicine

Our Mission

Improve clinical outcomes and shorten recovery times

Providing clinicians access to accurate diagnostics and predictive analytics tools, generating the best care pathways for patients, bringing a standard of care for payers, and revolutionizing the rehabilitation practice for all stakeholders 

AI-powered rehabilitation platform

We established a new paradigm of physical rehabilitation that helps patients achieve optimal results in their recovery for orthopedic, neurological, and movement disorders. The cloud-based solution is an interactive patient application that delivers AR video sessions while using MoveAI™ sensorless technology to detect movement and provide real-time feedback without clinician support.

We are primed to meet smartphone users where they are, leveraging AI-based technology for new capabilities to bring superior insights into the care pathway of patients in acute or subacute conditions to all stakeholders.

Our Partners

WizeCare is designed to help health organizations nurture and harness their breakthrough innovation potential to advance value-based care through a hardware-less, AI-based telerehabilitation platform


WizeCare’s technology has proven to have a tremendous impact on our patients’ adherence to their rehabilitation goals. On average, recovery times from post-surgical treatment were shortened by 25% and patients were 80% more compliant in their treatments compared to the traditional rate of 10%.
WizeCare’s technology is not limited to just treating musculoskeletal conditions. We find the true value in how it helps patients of all ages and conditions.
Dr. Sumir Sahgal

Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Essen Health Care

“As an orthopedic surgeon, I meet with my patients several times during their rehabilitation journey. WizeCare is the best solution because it provides both the
patients and clinicians tools to reach better outcomes and higher satisfaction during their course of care. Hospitals can profit by providing Wizecare to their
Ran Schwarzkopf MD

Professor, NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases

Meuhedet has teamed with WizeCare as one of our preferred partners for a number of reasons. While home physical therapy is a huge issue for basically all of our clients, very few effective solutions exist in the market. As the leader in the digital care space, WizeCare is the only solution that is set up to deliver all facets of evidence-based care for our population needs and conditions. Combined with the impressive clinical results they’ve demonstrated, we have been seeing significant interest in their solution amongst our clients. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership!”
Tal Nitzan

Head of Physical Therapy services, MEUHEDET HMO (2.3 Million policy members)

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