About Us

Game Changer

We built a team of healthcare specialists, innovative clinicians, business analysts, and technology experts to deliver to the world the leading platform changing the way physical therapy and rehabilitation is delivered and utilized.

Our Mission

We enable healthcare providers to deliver intelligent, accessible and exciting physical therapy sessions directly to their patients’ homes, allowing healthcare organizations and insurers to provide measurable, affordable and standardized quality of care.

Who We Are

In 2012, we launched a physical therapy clinic that was challenged with a competitive market and limited resources to grow. The idea of implementing personalized video care plans was the way we stood out back then, under the brand of VideoTherapy.co. Since then, we have changed completely from an innovative clinic to a digital health startup, aiming to disrupt home physical therapy care, encouraged to deliver value-based healthcare, and provide our customers the knowledge, know-how and technology we found to be cost effective and business-wise.
Since we found that patients were most compliant with personalized videos, we then increased our platform to combine remote care, patient management, monitoring, AI analysis and communication capabilities. With that technology, we decided to re-brand ourselves to WizeCare, as this is exactly what we offer to healthcare providers and insurers.

Roy Shteren

Roy Shteren

CEO & Co-founder

Healthcare Executive

shai david

shai david

CTO & Co-founder

Solution Architect
Algorithm Developer

Ran Schwarzkopf MD

Ran Schwarzkopf MD

Medical Advisor

Orthopedic Surgeon, Associate Professor at NYU Langone

Ori Karev

Ori Karev


Strategic and Business

Tal Botzer PhD

Tal Botzer PhD

AI Advisor

AI & Bioinformatics Expert


119 West 24th St. 4th floor
New York, NY 10011

Hahagana 17, 3rd floor
Or Yehuda, Israel

Phone Number

NY: (718) 618-4798
TLV: (972) 54-6303626



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