Clinical Trial at Reuth Rehabilitation Center

In early 2016, Reuth Rehabilitation Center became our first commercial customer after running as our beta site in Israel. At the beginning of 2017, Tel Aviv University and Reuth launched a post hip replacement surgery rehabilitation clinical trial, to evaluate the impact of WizeCare (formerly VideoTherapy) to discharged patients. The outcomes were very clear. 5/6 physical therapy tests showed better outcomes. Read the article here.

First US pilot at the NYU Hospital

At the beginning of 2017, Dr. Ran Schwarzkopf, orthopedic surgeon and Associate Professor at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, decided to run a pilot in his department to evaluate the effectivity of WizeCare (formerly VideoTherapy) on his patients after hip surgeries. The protocols were customized by the NYU clinical officer to match the hospital’s standard of care and showed higher satisfaction of the patients during the pilot.

Cleveland Clinic & Plug and Play Accelerator

In June 2018, we completed an amazing 3-month accelerator program at the Cleveland Clinic and the global Plug and Play Health network, starting long-term relationships with the Cleveland Clinic and Metro Health.

Meuhedet HMO Study shows 80% in patient adherence

In January 2018, we launched a study in 8 major clinics of the Meuhedet HMO, to deliver accessible and personal physical therapy care plans by WizeCare (formerly VideoTherapy) to their patients. The study was focused on orthopedic patients suffering from pain and range-of-motion limitation in their knees or shoulders. The study showed over 80% adherence of patients at home, compared to today’s average adherence of 5%-10%. The impact of higher adherence is leading to better outcomes and cost reduction.

Reuth Rehabilitation Center partner WizeCare to commercialize digital PT

In October 2018, Reuth Rehabilitation partnered with WizeCare (formerly VideoTherapy) to commercialize accessible and personalized physical therapy services across Israel. The partnership has been executed after years of clinical cooperation between WizeCare and Reuth, with a clear mission statement: Deliver personal care to the community with affordable pricing.

WizeCare lands in Tampa, Florida by FIBA accelerator

In February 2019, WizeCare (formerly VideoTherapy) landed in Tampa, Florida, to participate in a commercial program of the FIBA business accelerator, engaging local healthcare providers like Tampa General Hospital, and more.

WizeCare launches MoveAI™ to analyze patients’ performance

In March 2019, WizeCare (formerly VideoTherapy) presented a new cutting-edge technology to analyze patient motions by using mobile device cameras and deep learning algorithms. The new innovative tech, called MoveAI™, is delivering Kinect-like advanced capabilities without Kinect or any wearable devices, enabling patients to receive real-time performance scoring and personalized guidance on how to improve their movements, just by using their mobile devices.

WizeCare presents MoveAI™ at the MedinIsrael conference 2019

In March 2019, WizeCare (formerly VideoTherapy), presented MoveAI™ for the first time, gaining lots of interest in the home rehabilitation space.

Thank you VideoTherapy, Welcome WizeCare!

In April 2019, VideoTherapy rebranded to WizeCare. The rebranding was triggered by the fact that VideoTherapy was initially an innovative physical therapy clinic that used personalized videos to deliver care. While the company has transformed from a video-based clinic to a global company that develops and implements its technology in Israel and the US, the limits of its platform were expanded and brought to a new baseline of patient adoption. The innovative solution was based on a unique technology, so the decision to become WizeCare was needed.

WizeCare launches its Android App

In April 2019, WizeCare launched its Android app on the Google play store, to give patients a better experience in accessing their care plans and communicate, from home, with their clinicians. The new app has an Augmented Reality feature new to home physical care called the MIRROR, in which patients can exercise with the instructional video through an interactive experience, and watch themselves practicing in action.
In addition, WizeCare launched another version called TV App for Android TV boxes, dedicated to run on any TV in patient homes, or in any clinic.

WizeCare joins Hartford Upward Labs program

In April 2019, WizeCare joined the Hartford, CT Upward Labs program, dedicated to penetrating the home care and aged market. The amazing 6-month program is launching pilots in assisted living and home care organizations and brings private health insurers to join the activity.