Our Mission

We enable healthcare providers to deliver intelligent, accessible and exciting physical therapy sessions directly to their patients’ homes, allowing healthcare organizations and insurers to provide measurable, affordable and standardized quality of care.

Our Products

WizeCare provides an all-in-one solution for telerehabilitation at home. Our platform runs on any mobile and desktop device, anytime, anywhere, for almost any patient, covering orthopedic, neurological and cardiac conditions as well as for the elderly population and chronic diseases.

WizeCare Home

Our platform for patient engagement and personalized course of therapy for home-based physical care

WizeCare Performance

Personalized interactive video care plans, monitored by compliance tracking and MoveAI™ technology to analyze the patient’s actual performance at home

WizeCare Clinic

A patient management platform that informs, guides and empowers clinicians to deliver better care to their home-based patients

WizeCare Visit

Virtually visit with your patients in the comfort of their home. Virtual visits can be
one to one or one to many and text and video are supported.

Movement Detection By Mobile camera. No Kinect. No Wearables.

WizeCare MoveAI™ technology empowers any mobile device to analyze patients’ skeletal movements and score them in real-time, providing patients the ability to perform exactly as their clinician expects them to do and improve their performance using WizeCare’s in-action intelligent movement guidance.
No need for Kinect camera. No need for wearable sensors.

Mobile camera only

WizeCare MoveAI™ technology runs artificial intelligent algorithms over any simple 2D mobile camera, and provides patients with Kinect-like movement detection, in addition to real-time improvement guiding. The biggest difference with our technology is Kinect is not needed.


WizeCare MoveAI™ technology breaks the familiar external devices barriers when it comes to patients’ movement analysis in the patients’ homes. We pave the way to scale physical rehabilitation and injury prevention at home.

Patients’ Adherence

Adherence is the number one factor in physical rehabilitation and prevention. Our duty is to supply patients the most attractive therapy experience, in order to raise their adherence level, and help healthcare providers lead them to better outcomes.

AR Mirror Effect

Try our new Augmented Reality Mirror-Effect, running on any mobile device, to increase the level of interactivity and performance visualization.
No external hardware required.

Personalized Care Plans

We provide the patients with personalized therapy sessions, ongoing reminders and rewards. This is how we reach an average of 80% compliance at home, compared to the traditional 5%-10%.


The healthcare industry demands better outcomes and lower costs. WizeCare’s all-in-one platform was designed by healthcare specialists, clinicians, business analysts and technology experts to enable healthcare providers to meet these requirements on a daily basis.

Better outcomes

Physical therapy works only if patients perform as expected. WizeCare shares exactly what patients are doing and provides them the tools to get better every day.


WizeCare provides coaching, education and communication to motivate patients to better comply with their prescribed pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical rehabilitation programs.

Cost Reduction

By allowing patients to self-manage their health in their own homes with confidence and constant feedback, WizeCare delivers better care at a lower cost.

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Building a free trial account on WizeCare only requires a single minute of your time. It’s easy and provides you access to most of our features for a trial period.
If you are interested, you can book a 1 on 1 session to learn more.


Our partners’ testimonials are worth more than any marketing materials

Meuhedet has teamed with WizeCare as one of our preferred partners for a number of reasons. While home physical therapy is a huge issue for basically all of our clients, very few effective solutions exist in the market. As the leader in the digital care space, WizeCare is the only solution that is set up to deliver all facets of evidence-based care for our population needs and conditions. Combined with the impressive clinical results they’ve demonstrated, we have been seeing significant interest in their solution amongst our clients. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership!”

Tal Nitzan

Head of Physical Therapy services, MEUHEDET HMO (2.3 Million policy members)

“As an orthopedic surgeon, I meet with my patients several times during their rehabilitation journey. WizeCare is the best solution because it provides both the
patients and clinicians tools to reach better outcomes and higher satisfaction during their course of care. Hospitals can profit by providing Wizecare to their

Ran Schwarzkopf MD

Associate Professor, NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases

“We decided to work with WizeCare since we were impressed with their rigorous clinical approach and the demonstrated impact on quality of life and medical utilization. The team has been fantastic to work with, going above and beyond in making sure the rollout to our 5,000+ discharged patients requires minimal effort from our end, and provides a fantastic user experience to our clinicians and patients.”

Sara Peleg

Director of Physical Therapy Services, Reuth Medical and Rehabilitation Center

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