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             WizeCare seamlessly connects Physical therapists with their home-based  patients.                      Now more than ever, WizeCare’s Technology can help clinicians treat and track their patients remotely and maintain continuity of care.

Our Partners

Our Products

WizeCare Patient

A patient engagement and personalized home-based physical care patients’ app

WizeCare Clinic

An AI patient’s management and virtual PT application that empowers clinicians to deliver better care to their home-based patients

WizeCare Performance

A revolutionary technology called MoveAI™ (patent pending) which identifies, tracks and analyzes patient movement without the need of any sensors, wearables or depth cameras, seamlessly during the home session.

WizeCare Visit

Virtual check-ins with your patients in the comfort of their home. 
One-to-one or one-to-many.

Movement Detection By Mobile camera.    No Kinect. No Wearables.

WizeCare’s MoveAI™ technology empowers any mobile device to analyze patients’ movements and score them in real-time, providing patients with the ability to perform exactly as their clinician expects them to, and improve their performance using WizeCare’s in-action intelligent movement guidance.
No need for Kinect camera. No need for wearable sensors.

Mobile Camera Only

WizeCare MoveAI™ technology uses artificial intelligent algorithms and integrates to any simple 2D mobile camera, to provide patients with Kinect-like movement detection, in addition to real-time performance guiding. 


WizeCare MoveAI™ technology overcomes the common external HW barriers’ when it comes to patients’ movement analysis in home. We pave the way to a much scalable model of physical rehabilitation and injury prevention at home.

Patients’ Adherence

Patients’ adherence is the number one factor correlated with the sucsess of physical rehabilitation and injuries prevention. WizeCare offers patients with the most attractive home-therapy experience, raises dramatically their adherence level, and helps healthcare providers lead them to better outcomes.

AR Mirror Effect

Our Augmented Reality Mirror-Effect, suitable for any mobile device, ‘were proven to increase ptients’ engagement and adherence levels. According to a clinical study conducted among 200 patients, the average response to using WizeCare’s application at home was 80%! (While the normal value for home practice today, is less than 5%)

The Platform

                    WizeCare is an AI-driven telerehab platform that enables healthcare organizations to provide state of the art physical therapy to patients at home.                            Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, WizeCare has created MoveAI™, which enables a breakthrough in movement tracking using a simple smartphone’s camera.

Clinically Proven

WizeCare’s solution has been clinically proven to meaningfully impact these four core goals Better outcomes, Lower costs, Improved patient experience, and Improved clinician experience
















Ortho & Neuro cases

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Telehealth & E-visits

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Unique patients' expiriance

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WizeCare is the only solution that is set up to deliver all facets of evidence-based care for our populations needs and conditions. ”

Tal Nitzan

Head of Physical Therapy services, MEUHEDET HMO

Promising Results

We help clinics increase revenue, decrease expenses, and assure effectiveness with new technologies that are made by physical therapists, for physical therapists.        WizeCare’s clinically proven remote physical therapy technology has been used by more than 25,000 patients at leading healthcare organizations, with very promising results:



Adherence among in-home patients


cost savings for healthcare institutions


monitored & analyzed with valuable insights

Everything your patient needs.

Better Engagement

Personalized care plans anytime, anywhere

Exciting and motivating

Unique mobile workout experience, monitored by AI movement analysis, enabled by a simple mobile device camera


Patients’ adherence and performance tracking to help clinicians guide them on how to improve 

Changing the way physical therapy is delivered and utilized.

As physical therapists, we thrive on helping people and improving lives. However, early in our careers, we recognized some serious problems and obstacles with the way physical therapy typically was practiced: 

  • Poor outcomes – 95% of all patients do not complete their physical therapy program)
  • High costs – based on an expensive face-to-face model
  • Heavy case load – cases poorly managed & tracked
  • Limited availability at the patient’s home – many remote solutions not designed for physical therapy

“A Great physical therapy should be accessible to everyone!”

Roy, CEO of WizeCare


The healthcare industry demands better outcomes and lower costs. WizeCare’s all-in-one platform was designed by healthcare specialists, clinicians, business analysts and technology experts to enable healthcare providers to meet these requirements on a daily basis.

Better Outcomes

Physical therapy works only if patients perform as expected. WizeCare shares exactly what patients are doing and provides them the tools to get better faster.

Cost Reduction

By allowing patients to self-manage their health in their own homes with confidence and constant feedback, WizeCare delivers better care at a lower cost.

 “WizeCare ofers the best solution today, as it provides both the patients and clinicians tools to reach better outcomes and higher satisfaction during the entire course of care.

Ran Schwarzkopf MD

Associate Professor, NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases

Our Team

Roy Shteren

Roy Shteren

CEO & Co-Founder

Senior Physical Therapist.  Master of public health management M.P.H

Shai David

Shai David

CTO & Co-Founder

Passionate Technologist & Products Crafstman B.Sc

Jeff Lefkovich

Jeff Lefkovich


Social Entreneur. East Coast VP

Manny Sani

Manny Sani

Product Designer

An experienced UX Master




Operations Manager

A talented Physical therapist with a master’s degree in health management

Yeonaton Sofrin

Yeonaton Sofrin

QA Manager

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