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WizeCare provides an all-in-one solution for telerehabilitation at home. Our platform runs on any mobile and desktop device, anytime, anywhere, for almost any patient, covering orthopedic, neurological and cardiac conditions as well as for the elderly population and chronic diseases.

WizeCare Home

Our platform for patient engagement and personalized treatment recommendations for home-based physical care.


Providing personalized care plans to your patients improves their engagement and satisfaction

Better Outcomes

Physical care plans at home increases patients’ compliance and performance


Your resources are limited. Use WizeCare to scale and grow your capacity without the need to hire more staff

WizeCare Performance

Using a comprehensive platform that combines personalized therapeutic care protocols and motion tracking capabilities during each session, WizeCare gathers real-time data to generate objective outcome measurements as a standard.

Movement Analysis

WizeCare MoveAI™ technology runs over mobile cameras to detect patients’ performance and guide them on how to perform accurately.
No external hardware required.

Adherence Track

Adherence is the #1 factor in recovery. WizeCare tracks the patient’s adherence and reports to the clinician on a regular basis.

Patient Report

We believe in patients. In addition to objective monitoring, patient reports are valuable to track their progress at home.

WizeCare Visit

Virtually visit with your patients in the comfort of their home. Virtual visits can be one to one or one to many and text and video are supported.

Overcome No-Shows

Enjoy our unique PT telehealth VISIT toolbox to overcome no-shows and improve your business outcomes


Increase your accessibility to your patients and find out how valuable that can be to your clinic

WizeCare Clinic

A patient management platform that informs, guides and empowers clinicians to deliver better care to their home-based patients


Create personalized physical care plans


Track your patients’ adherence and performance


Online/Offline clinical and business analysis reports

Personalized Care

Personalized adaptive video care plans for all patients

Patient Monitoring

Real-time motion tracking, analysis
and scoring

Remote Control

End-to-end solution for patients’ physical therapy home-care service


Anytime, anywhere,
any device, almost any patient,
no installations, no hussle

Artificial Intelligence

MoveAI™ technology analyzes patients’ performance at home and predicts care pathways based on data


Patients’ engagement and compliance improves outcomes and increases customer satisfaction


The healthcare industry demands better outcomes and lower costs. WizeCare’s all-in-one platform was designed by healthcare specialists, clinicians, business analysts and technology experts to enable healthcare providers to meet these requirements on a daily basis.

Better Outcomes

Physical therapy works only if patients perform as expected. WizeCare shares exactly what patients are doing and provides them the tools to get better every day.

Coordinated Cared

WizeCare provides coaching, education and communication to motivate patients to better comply with their prescribed pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical rehabilitation programs.

Cost Reduction

By allowing patients to self-manage their health in their own homes with confidence and constant feedback, WizeCare delivers better care at a lower cost.

Everything your patient needs.

Better Engagement

Personalized care plans anytime, anywhere

Exciting and motivating

Unique mobile workout experience, monitored by AI movement analysis, enabled by a simple mobile device camera


Patients’ adherence and performance tracking to help clinicians guide them on how to improve 

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